Dear children!

In summer and winter we have a FUN PASS with the stamp pass. In it you will also find a "paint by numbers" picture, the weekly programme, a troubleshooting guide, puzzles to solve and a competition.

The Spass Pass is available at the tourist office, at the valley station of the Weißsee Glacier World or at your accommodation provider. For your collected stamps you can get nice gifts at our office or at the valley station of the Weißsee Glacier World. You can get a gift for just 1 stamp!

Come and get your passport and stamp.

stemp pass | © D. Innerhofer

We look forward to seeing you!

stamp pass, pens | © D. Innerhofer
Stamp pass, coloring book, pens with butterflies cut out, gym bag | © D. Innerhofer
Redeem Stamps

The gifts from the Spass Pass are also available for purchase at our office. There are also other merchandise itemsavailable. Just drop by the tourist office and have a look.

We hope you'll enjoy collecting them!

1 Stamp Pens & Coloring Book
2 Stamps Backpack made of cotton (gym bag)
3 Stamps Lunch box
4 Stamps Wooden play set (travel game)
5 Stamp A present of your choice!


Family Village Merchandise
Colouring book € 2,50
Coloured pencils € 1,50
Lunch box € 4,00
Cotton backpack € 5,00
Wooden game set € 6,00
Glass drinking bottle € 12,00
Shopping bag € 2,00
Beach ball € 3,50
Buff € 6,50


Butterfly Trail Quiz

a boy in a green meadow with mountains | © E. Thämlitz-Höllerer

The Butterfly Trail is an exciting walk for nature lovers of all ages. If you want to learn more about butterflies, this is a beautiful and educational walk through meadows and woodland.

Walking time: approx. 1.5 hours
Destination: Liebenberg 

Along the Butterfly Trail there are 9 text boards where you can learn interesting facts and ecological correlations from the world of butterflies. At the same time you can enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Each panel has a question for you to answer. The questionnaire can be obtained from the tourist office. When you have answered all 9 questions, come back to our office with your quiz questionnaire. A small gift awaits you! You will also get a stamp in your stamp book!


Butterflies are extremely important environmental indicators and are very sensitive to change.

Where butterflies fly, the environment is intact! Some benches have also been built along the path for resting and observation.

During the walk you can observe the different species of butterflies. We also recommend a short stop at the Celtic village of Stoanabichl. The butterfly bushes planted there attract many butterflies. If you are patient enough, you can take some nice photos of these little insects.

We hope you enjoy discovering, admiring and experiencing this trail, nature and its inhabitants.