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Freeride-tours in Weißsee Glacier World



From the top station of the Medelzseilbahn one goes over a flat ridge in the southwest on a hill (2,600 m). From here the descent is over easy terrain to Kalser Törl. At the foot of steep walls of water had seeped Tauern is back on flat terrain (about 15 min alternately push and go). The Weißsee one has been to the fore.

There are also many different levels of variation, from easy runs to runs for experts. Recommended for the hardcore riders is the tour is around the Tauern Kogel to Weißseekess Olympic Hang r. Back it goes again on Weißsee along to the lifts. Skins or snowshoes are in the Tour of advantage.

Height difference: 350 meters downhill

Difficulty: ° °


From the top station of the slope of ten you leave the marked area in the east direction. From there you go, with a view towards Tauernmoos Lake about 10 minutes on one level (no skins necessary) for entry into the first notch. The descent towards sheep Bichl notch offers many possibilities and options: The actual slope is ideal for pleasurable free riding, those who are looking for extreme runs should dodge to the left or right. In the sheep Bichl coatings is further west, where the tour ends in the direction of then flat slopes. The track and cross it goes the other meters on easy slopes on to the Central Station Grünsee.

The Saurüssl tour offers different options for every skill level.

Height difference: 600 meters downhill

Difficulty: ° ° °


The tour consists of a channel that is up to 45 degrees steep. The route is only for experts, and only open during absolutely safe snow conditions! The starting point of the tour is the top station Rudolfshütte. You can get the track up to Weißsee dam and then go on foot over the wall to the other side of the lake. From there you climb over rocky terrain to the first summit on - walk about 30 minutes. The entrance is located North of the summit. The entrance to the channel is up to 45 degrees steep and technically very demanding. It then turns right and becomes shallower, with 30-35 degrees, until it will open in a spout. At the bottom of the channel one can continue parallel to the runway.

Difference in altitude: ascent 150m, descent 400-650 meters

Difficulty: °°°°

Further Freeride-route´s:


  • Chef´s Whip °°°
  • Medelzflanke °°°
  • Gamssteig 1 °°°
  • Sun View Standart °°°
  • Snowboarder´s Paradise °°°
  • Hoch Fürlegg east-slope °°°
  • Holländerabfahrt °
  • Fischers Playground °° - °°°°°
  • The Hiddenline °°
  • Lady L. °°°°°
  • Lokals Spot °°°
  • Chicken Trop °°
  • Kanonenrohr °°°°
  • Open Faces °°°

Further informations/Freeride-routes:

Safety on the Mountains - here you can find information for a safe skiing-day! 



Special Tips for freeriders:

Freeride ticket € 31,00

  • One-day ski pass for the Weißsee Glacier World
  • Special alpinist dinner and a small ski water at the Berghotel Rudolfshütte
  • MountainSPA at the Berghotel Rudolfshütte

  • Freeride-days - experience the fascination freeriding - offer
  • Freeride breakfast at Uttendorf`s bakeries starting from € 3,90
    information bakery Haberl                     information bakery Steger
  • Freeride breakfast at Alpengasthof Enzingerboden on request
  • Make a freerider stop at the alpen hotel Enzingerboden (valley station): original cheese dumplings with salad € 10,60    more information
  • Cafe Gröfler & Disco b-Punkt, Center/Metzgerbichl 15, „Apré Freerider-drink“ (drink 2 – pay 1)    more information

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