Experience Hiking

in Uttendorf/Weißsee

Butterfly interpretive trail

The trail leads you from the "Dorfbachstraße" to the "Stefflbauer" farm where you´ll find the first information plate. Then you´ll cross the open hill with its flora and insects that florish in the warn sun. Use this opportunity to watch the life and death of these multi-colored butterflies. Over wooden steps the path leads you into the shady "Steinergraben" where benches invite you to take a rest. Past the marshy "Erlenau" with green moss and ferns you´ll follow the trail to the "Findlings" (devil´s stone - witnesses of the ice age). The last part of the trail leads you along the forest and over meadows full of flowers.

The starting point is the village center and after 1,5 hours you´ll reach the finishing point - the Alpengasthof Liebenberg inn. The difference in altitude is 300m.

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Ge(h)sund bergauf Trail

Hiking uphill - path
at the butterfly path at the Liebenberg mounatin - 300 m difference in altitude.

A path that will help you feel refreshed and energized. The information boards explain what is happening in your body and will give short tips for excersises and make you use your surroundings. Regain strength for body and soul!
Guided tours: information in the tourism office.

Glacier trail "Sonnblickkees"

The starting point is Berghotel Rudolfshütte, which can be reached by the Weißsee Glacier lifts. Difference in altitude appr. 240m, walking time appr. 2 - 3 hours, trail no. 34.

The glacier trail lies in the Granatspitz Group in the area of the Weißsee Lake which can be compared to the fjords of the north Atlantic. The aim of this nature trail is that even inexperienced hikers reach the glacier´s mouth of the Sonnblickkees and experience the many natural beauties of this unique countryside.
The mouth of the glacier is surrounded by impressive rocks and many small waterfalls which feed into the whirling glacier river. Here you´ll have the feeling that nature and human species are one. You´ll be impressed by the force and liveliness of this glacier and its constant changes. You´ll see the various colors of the ice and the many different ways of cracks and crevices, which give the glacier its life and history.

Glacier trail "Ödenwinkelkees"

The starting point is the Berghotel Rudolfshütte hut - which can be reached with the Weißsee Glacier railways. Difference in altitude appr. 360m, walking time appr. 2 - 3 hours, trail no. 35!

Surrounded by majestic peaks - a total of 22 peaks, 12 of which are higher than 3,000m - you´ll encounter the glacier nature trail Ödenwinkelkees (with 15 special points of interest) between the Großglockner and the Granatspitz Group in the Hohe Tauern National Park.
The trail leads you over the Schafsbühel to the Eisbodenlacke and from there to the ice-free area of the Ödenwinkelkees.

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