Boulderpark Uttendorf

during the adventure-lake

Experience "sport climbing"

Boulderpark is enriched with many sporting activities (tennis, swimming, volleyball, soccer) and is equipped with recreational facilities for adventures around the lake.

The illuminated Boulderpark fits perfectly into the idyllic landscape and the beautiful boulders offer varied "climbs" for eéveryone. The course consists of 10 granite boulder blocks. There are no limits to imagination when you create new lines.

The adjacent restaurants provide delights for any food connoisseur and if you need to cool off, you can take a dip in the prestine lake.


Access time: 1 minute

Next bar: 0.5 minutes

Next pizza oven: 1.5 minutes

The freely accessible Boulderpark Uttendorf allows you tohave can have a fling on the various Bouldervariations - Bouldervariations as they occur only in nature.

Have fun climbing!

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a special form of climbing - without ropes or a harness. You climb only at jumping height, and in case of a fall you are protected by mats or through your "Spotten" (a climbing partner that is ready to catch the body and head of the falling climber).

Above all this sport requires good strength, being dynamic, a sense of balance and technique. The main equipment consists of climbing shoes, magnesium and a Boulder-mat.

There are of course also various levels of difficulty, but the whole fun idea is to find one's own power to overcome the Boulder.

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