In the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park

In the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park

Central location between Grossglockner & Krimml Waterfalls Attractions

Hiking & biking

Hiking & biking

Hiking in and around Uttendorf/Weissee From Tauern cycle path to high alpine mountain bike tour

Summer in the hills & Harvest Festival

Summer in the hills & Harvest Festival

Summer in the hills & glacier experience Time of homecoming, festivities & encounter


What could be better than crystal clear waters stocked with fish and being surrounded by alpine mountains?

The Uttendorfer lake - a fishing mecca with tradition!

Comfortably relaxing on Uttendorfer lake on a boat waiting for a bite, and then the adrenaline pounding as you draw in challenging catch on land - the relaxation and adventure at the same time!

In Uttendorfer lake there are fish of all kinds, perch, pike, tench, perch and whitefish.

Fishing season: May to October each year.
Fishing season: 05.00 am - 10.00 pm only from the shore.
Fishing tackle: two fishing rods - fishing is prohibited with Daublen, pots or Legeschnüren!
Bait: artificial and natural baits - fishing is prohibited with the planes bait!
After feeding: corn and boilies are allowed - forbidden food is clouds!

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Fishing in Stubachtal

The fishing waters of the Fishing Community Stubach are drawn from the Enzingerboden Reservoir, the Stubach and Mühlbach. The Enzingerboden Reservoir originated in about 1940 with the commissioning of the Schneiderau Power Plant. The lake has a good stock of Rainbow, Brown Trout and Arctic Charr. The highlight is the excellent grayling stock, which is rather unusual for this altitude. The Stubach can, about 7 km outside the valley are being fished to the sawmill Stubachbrücke Hochfilzer (Sagmühle) from the Fellerer-bridge (Schneiderau). The Fish line Muehlbach starts at the small bridge at the sawmill and ends after about 1.5 km down the valley at the pedestrian bridge on the Salzach Spitz (Retension-area).


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