In the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park

In the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park

Central location between Grossglockner & Krimml Waterfalls Attractions

Hiking & biking

Hiking & biking

Hiking in and around Uttendorf/Weissee From Tauern cycle path to high alpine mountain bike tour

Summer in the hills & Harvest Festival

Summer in the hills & Harvest Festival

Summer in the hills & glacier experience Time of homecoming, festivities & encounter


Kathi & Romeo - "Summer Days"

"Simply spectacular! We have already got to know many beautiful spots in this world, but nothing can keep up with this gigantic mountain backdrop so quickly. "

Tina Vega-Wilson - "Titantina"

"... an extraordinary place with a breathtaking high alpine landscape, perfect for us nature lovers. Activities for children of all ages offer a very varied program, but also for those who are looking for peace in nature away from mass tourism, without pressure and hectic pace. We felt very comfortable with the 3 children. "

Eva Krallinger-Gruber & Matthias Gruber - "Missing Flora"

“In Uttendorf we had some of the best hours of our life. Watching the sunrise over the Weisssee, all alone in the tranquility of nature, cannot be described in words. "

Angelika Resch - "Hellopippa"

“I was super fascinated by the glacier world at the Weißsee - we got up very early in the morning to catch the morning mood at the Weißsee. Conclusion: absolutely fascinating. The hikes in the region are totally relaxing, grounding and at the same time there is always something to see. In any case, I've been a huge Uttendorf / Weißsee fan since last summer! :) "

Vera Koren-Steindl - "House number six"

"In the middle of nature, far from the hustle and bustle, you can spend a simply wonderful and relaxing holiday as a family here in Weisssee / Uttendorf."

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